In our productions we strive to create change and convey messages in a personal way. Using our knowledge in the fields of Dramaturgy and Communications, we make films that make a statement and reflect the client’s unique qualities.

We produce commercials, information films as well as drama.

Folkliv works both directly with customers and as a creative partner to agencies. We can take care of the entire production chain from idea and script to finished production.

Please see examples of our productions below.



In Cape Town’s strong sunlight, Evy’s high-tech sunscreen cream was put to the test.



Allmännyttan has researched how we will live in the future. We made a film about the results. Here is the intro.



On behalf of RFSU we produce this film about how people feel regarding STD testing.



We filmed Shieldmaid’s beautiful jewelry in Paris. A dreamlike love story.



An adventure film for the younger audience, produced for SVT. Nicola ends up in his computer world where he encounters talking spiders, quirky characters and the evil Thesis, who has taken his mother as prisoner …



Fast canoes, happy dogs and luxury hotels are some of the things we have immortalized on film. You can see examples of our productions here.


Universal Music

Lars Winnerbäck’s critically acclaimed concert opened with this film produced by Folkliv. The film was shot in his hometown Linköping and is narrated by Staffan Westerberg.


Nya Hovås

The shops in ”Nya Hovås” provide a wide range of beautiful things and personalized service. A true shopping experience!



Jämtkraft produces, distributes and sells electricity and district heating. Elaton, Jämtkraft’s affiliate, gives customers the opportunity to purchase electricity in advance, on the stockmarket, with the help of experts- a ”Power Revolution”. Folkliv produced a film to show how it works.


Save the Children

In the Save the Children´s study, A Young voice, 25,000 children answered questions about their general state. The survey revealed that a significant number feel anxiety and stress in schools. The film is based on actual student quotes, and was produced to highlight the outcome of the study.


The health supplement Plus

We meet Ernsta’s owner, who lives an active life thanks to the supplements. The film illustrates how complex the language would become in the event of a law change regarding health supplements.



When the suicide prevention organization launched its 24 hour  support line, we were asked to produce a film to draw attention to the service. People talk about their own personal experiences of attempted suicides, and public figures urge people considering suicide to seek help.



Short films produced on behalf of Odelius, an advertising agency.

Through our office in Cape Town we're able to offer summer scenery all year around.